About DefectPrevention.org

Dan Bean has been in the computer industry for more than 25 years and with Microsoft since 1993. Like many people with long careers in the computer field, Dan has had the opportunity to work in a variety of disciplines including system design, program management, development, test, and IT. As a member of the Microsoft Engineering Excellence Group, Dan worked on engineering practices incorporating Failure Modes and Effects Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Washington State University, Dan also earned a Black Belt in Six Sigma from the Juran Institute.

David Catlett has been developing people, tools, and techniques for testing software for more than 16 years. In his current role as Principal Test Architect in the Microsoft Windows Engineering Tools team, he is researching and implementing methods to increase the quality of software while decreasing the cost of engineering. In this role, he is focusing on risk analysis, improving testability, and improving the quality of test code itself. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science/Math from the University of Puget Sound, and more importantly, is husband to Erika and dad to Josh, Emilie, and Sara

Harry Emil has been with Microsoft since 1989 producing Windows, Office, entertainment, multimedia and communications products. His current research intersects productivity games with crowd sourcing and real-time communications. His most recent projects apply these technologies to feedback systems, language learning and disaster relief. Examples of Harry's work include the activities on this site, The Language Quality Game, First Response, Communicate Hope, and Lync-Guistic.

Lori Ada Kilty has been involved in Balanced Scorecards and metrics for software for many years. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, she was hired by Microsoft to work on tools for home and entertainment software. She has 10 years of Microsoft experience and 20 years of military experience. Before retiring from the military, she was instrumental in developing and deploying an automated dashboard system for command and leadership metrics for her National Guard unit. She has worked with various teams throughout Microsoft in test, development, and program management.

Marc McDonald’s career spans the 30-year personal computer industry-from Microsoft Basic on the MITS Altair to Windows Vista-and he holds six software patents. Marc is the first salaried employee of Microsoft, joining Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, where he designed the FAT file system used in MS-DOS and Windows. He was the first employee at Asymetrix and Design Intelligence. He pioneered the standard for free sodas and casual dress in the software industry.

Robert Musson has more than 25 years of software experience as a development engineer and experience in various management positions. He spent 15 years at Teradyne, helping bring to market a variety of products for the telecommunications industry. While there, he helped deploy the Team Software Process (TSP) to the first industry site. He was vice president of business strategy at a small startup before becoming a member of the TSP Initiative at the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie-Mellon University. He currently is a member of the Defect Prevention group in the Core OS Division of Windows and manages the department of statistical distortions. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

Ross Smith has been making mistakes for more than 42 years. (See the first page of Chapter 1.) He has been in the software industry for 20 years, developing and testing software on everything from mainframe systems to handheld devices and PC's. He has also been a jail guard, union president, cartoonist, and graphic artist. He began his Microsoft career in Product Support in 1991 and has been a Test Lead, Test Manager, and Test Architect. He has been a long-time member of the Test Architect's Group, and has worked on every version of Windows and Office since 1995. He holds five software patents, and is currently director of the Windows Core Security Test team. He lives with his wife and four kids on a remote island in Puget Sound.

Joshua Williams has been testing releases of Windows at Microsoft for more than 15 years, working across multiple versions and architectures of the OS. He has managed teams testing globalization, drivers, and automation frameworks. He has worked as a lead, manager, evangelist, and architect in various test teams. He managed the USB test effort through the development and deployment of USB 2.0, regularly presenting at USB and industry events. Most recently, he has focused on large-scale automation systems, and group-wide process improvement strategies.