How would you Prevent...?

Suggest a way to prevent a common mistake and earn a chance to win a copy of The Practical Guide To Defect Prevention signed by the authors.

Pairwise comparisons - Trust factors

Help identify the factors that contribute most to trust in the workplace.

Pairwise comparisons - Xbox 360 faceplates

Make rapid-fire judgments in a series of Xbox 360 faceplate comparisons.

Pairwise comparisons - 2008 US Presidential Candidates

Vote on which US Presidential candidate you prefer in a series of pairwise comparisons.

Also try the variation where we compare candidates by issue type.

Pairwise comparisons - Top Companies

Additional criteria are added to the pairwise comparisons exercise. You are asked to limit your considerations to certain criteria when you vote on the top brand names. The results page lets you filter by one or more of the criteria.

3-up comparisons - Top Magazines covers of the last 40 years

Pairwise comparisons kicked up a notch to three at a time. Rank the top magazine covers of the last 40 years.