If you have a technique you use to prevent any of the following common mistakes please click on the link to send us email. If we like your prevention technique we'll add it to the site and enter you into a drawing for a copy of The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention signed by the authors.

Common Mistakes:
*High Tech: Use my bank’s web site Bill Pay feature to set up automatic payments to companies to which I make recurring equal monthly payments.
Low Tech: Put all bills in a pile on my desk, check them once every week for due dates and pay any bill which is due within a week.
 - From Sergio (USA)
*The car should lock itself if it doesn't detect the key in a distance shorter then say 10 meters. - From Jaap (Netherlands)
*Attach the car key/keychain to an ID card holder and place the ID card holder (auto adjustable) in your waist belt. When you leave your car and forget to collect your keys back then it would easily notify you by expanding the ID card holder thread. You will not forget your keys… - From Nagarajan (USA)
*Add a simple Voice Prompt system on the driver seat, when you get off your car, you'll always get the voice prompt 'Please don't forget the keys'. Advantage: Ease to implement, and practicality. Disadvantage: Maybe a little noise. And if someday, it doesn't work, you'll lock your keys in your car in all likelihood. - From zhousongshu
*Wearing the backup key of your car as necklace or bracelet, but it's not prevention, it's a means of solution. - From zhousongshu